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Special wheelchair Ulises Evo Akces Med

Producent: Akces-med
Kod NFZ: S.20.01 / S.21.01
Najniższa cena: ( June 17, 2024 : 0,00  )

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Special wheelchair dedicated to children and adolescents with locomotor dysfunctions. Simple and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and can fit even into a small trunk. Safety and comfort of the user is ensured by a system of pelotas and seat belts. Reflective elements of the upholstery improve the visibility of the stroller on the road. The backrest can be easily reclined, and the maneuverability of the stroller is facilitated by an adjustable handle. Dedicated to people with MPD, myelomeningocele, degenerative diseases, brain and spinal cord injuries of various etiologies, MS, SLA, genetic syndromes and many others.




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