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MEYRA ICHAIR ORBIT electric wheelchair

Producent: Meyra
Najniższa cena: (2023-03-27: 0,00 )
Dostępność: Niedostępny


  • electric wheelchair with center wheel drive
  • speed 6km/h
  • Seat width from 38, 43, 48, 53 cm with additional adjustment by sides
  • seat upholstery made of durable knitted fabric
  • manual adjustment of seat and backrest angle
  • barbell for pushing the cart
  • Front wheels 8″; center (drive) wheels 12″ or 14″ in pumped or solid version
  • Tires in black or gray
  • rear swivel center wheel
  • Removable sides with height-adjustable armrests
  • Footrests removable and reclining
  • split footrest step
  • LED traffic lights
  • wide range of colors of the cart frame


  • 10 km/h speed,
  • 350W motors,
  • Additional seat and upholstery models,
  • Footrests with manual or electric angle adjustment for leg extension,
  • Electric adjustment of the backrest angle and front seat angle,
  • Electric seat height adjustment up to 30cm,
  • Electric adjustment of the rear seat angle to 45* as an aid to getting up from the wheelchair,
  • A wide range of user postural stabilization elements,
  • Dual swivel rear stabilizer wheels,
  • central footrest step,
  • Lightweight, durable, compact aluminum frame,
  • R-net electronics with LCD display with Bluetooth and IR,
  • A wide range of custom controls (mini joystick, chin control, TouchDrive).



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