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Avanti Pro light alloy wheelchair stab version

Kod NFZ: S.15.01 / S.16.01
Najniższa cena: ( February 16, 2024 : 6900,00  )
Dostępność: Niska dostępność

Active wheelchair (
part number1,735,913) With adjustable center of gravity. Dedicated to people with disabilities who want to be active on a daily basis.


Aluminum frame with cross-brace construction,

Backrest with belt tension adjustment,

Adjusting the height and angle of the seat,

3 cm seat cushion,

adjustable center of gravity,

active bacon,

Solid or inflatable front wheels size of your choice,

Solid or pumped rear wheels size of your choice,

One-piece, fixed footrest with adjustable shank length,

shank belt,

pressure brakes,

aluminum or steel strings,

4 frame colors: metallic silver, milky white, black.


– The ability to adjust the angle of the rear wheels (camber mounting),

double thrust,

Single-sided brake or drum brake,


– seat belt,

holder for crutches, cane,

anti-tip wheels.

The stroller becomes versatile for any user thanks to its large range of accessories. Needs such as comfort, safety, lightness and elegance are met by this stroller.


  • Seat width (cm): 36-58,
  • Cart weight (kg): 11,
  • Maximum load (kg): 135.

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