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Light alloy wheelchair hurricane stab version

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A stroller designed for active people who want to pursue their passions. The cart is maneuverable and easy to use, it makes the space around us accessible (part number1,880,913).


fixed, aluminum frame,

Breathable upholstery on the backrest,

seat cushion,

Solid front wheels (various sizes)

Reinforced rear wheels, radial arrangement of spokes, size 24”,

Rear wheel angle 1°, 3°, 6° selectable (camber),

polished steel strings,

pressure brakes,


different types of handles,

titanium or aluminum strings,

Butterfly brakes made of plastic or aluminum,

rear wheels of your choice,

– seat belt,

spoke covers,

anti-tip wheels,

7 additional frame colors: silver metallic with brilliant effect, green metallic with reflex effect, chrome silver, black metallic, red metallic with brilliant effect, mocha metallic.

Thanks to a wide range of equipment, the cart adapts to each person. Driving this stroller is much easier when you want to pursue your passions.


  • Seat width (cm): 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48

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