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Universal wrist brace AM-SP-02

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Kod NFZ: J.01.01
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Finger snapping, that is, jumping or shooting. It is a disease caused by thickening of the tendon, narrowing of its sheath and inflammation of the annular ligament, which leads to a reduction in tendon slip and finger movements. Typically, this condition affects the tendon of the flexor muscle of the long thumb at the level of the metacarpodigital joint.

This is one of the most common causes of pain in the hand, usually affecting women aged 40-60. The activity leading to this disease is primarily strictly manual activities, i.e. playing instruments, knitting or hand weaving.

The snapping thumb is manifested by soreness and the inability to straighten and bend the finger, as well as the occurrence of a painful lump, caused by tendon bending. Often the finger is blocked in the extension, also failure to treat this disease results in serious contractures in the joints of the thumb and complete impairment of hand function.

In the case of starting surgery, pharmacological treatment (NSAIDs) or physical therapy, the priority is to immobilize the thumb, especially during acute inflammation.


  • Crackling finger / jumping finger / shooting finger,

  • Inflammation of the thumb joint,

  • Skier’s thumb,

  • deQuervain syndrome,

  • Player’s thumb,

  • Stener’s type damage,

  • Soreness of the wrist-metacarpal joint of the thumb.



  • Made of raw material UniPren

    , consisting of an external elastic polyamide cover fabric with a self-grafting function, an inner neoprene foam core and an elastic jersey cover fabric,

  • Equipped with a stabilizing aluminum rail,

  • It has a special belt additionally stabilizing the thumb,

  • The orthosis design is open,

  • No latex.



  • Ensuring the stabilization of the saddle joint in a neutral position and the soft elements of the joint are not excessively stretched and inflammation is reduced,

  • Immobilization of only the thumb and wrist,

  • Easy to put on and precise fit,  

  • Maintaining full functionality and mobility of the hand,

  • Skin-friendly material that reduces pain and puffiness,

  • Immobilization of the saddle joint of the thumb,

  • Easy to put on and adjustable compression,

  • No imprinting on the patient’s skin and no wounds in places with high compression,

  • Self-adhesive function,

  • It provides compression and maintaining adequate heat, which 

    ensures healing


    reduces swelling and pain




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