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Children’s bicycle attachment for Attitude Junior Sunrise Medical wheelchair

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Attitude attachment for children.

The Attitude Junior model has a number of features that provide the child with control while riding and increase their confidence and comfort. The 16″ front wheels, eight-speed derailleur and horizontal crank handles provide a great ride over varied terrain. In addition, the brake pedal allows smooth control of speed. The lightweight and maneuverable bike is perfect for playing anywhere.

A perfect match with the QUICKIE Attitude Junior bicycle attachment make up the Quckie life T, Quckie Life RT and the ZIPPIE Youngster 3 child stroller.

The horizontal positioning of the crank handles is ideal for children, as it allows ergonomic positioning of the hands. The Attitude Junior’s simple depth and angle adjustment provides an ergonomic body position in relation to the crank (depth up to 10 mm, angle adjustment up to 28°). This is important because of the lower energy effort while driving. The eight-speed derailleur and horizontal crank handles will provide excellent riding on varied terrain. In addition, the brake pedal allows smooth control of speed.

Ready to go in 6 seconds. The connection mechanism on the Attitude Junior model is extremely simple – the bike is securely attached to the front of the stroller. No extra parts or tangled wires around the knees are needed for this. Nothing interferes with the use of the equipment, while the comfort of the wheelchair remains unchanged.

1. snap the connection pins together.

2. lower the top connection.

3. secure the connection by pulling the red lever.

The product is available in 31 colors.


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