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Recaro Monza Nova 2 Reha 15-50 kg

Producent: Timago (disambiguation)
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A modern, safe and functional car seat with an integrated seat with backrest.

PA five-point safety belt with a soft abduction wedge and a set of pads ensures a fit for every child. The contoured backrest takes care of the child’s spine. Adjusting the height of the seat up to 150 cm tall enables long-term use.

The headrest hardness adjustment system ensures proper head positioning while riding. Fastening is carried out using a car seat belt. In addition, in the Seatfix model, the seat can be fixed using ISOFIX holders.

Special foam, which is also used in the automotive industry, makes the seat comfortable and safe for the user. The seat is equipped with MP3 speakers integrated into the headrest, so that the child can hear their favorite melodies during a long journey.

The standard equipment of the seat includes: a lower limb abduction wedge, a soft abduction wedge with lower abdominal protection, a backrest lock, a set of side pads (head, torso, hips).


Timago (disambiguation)


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