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Children’s octal orthosis AM-PES-02

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Fracture of the collarbone is the most common damage occurring in children, which arises as a result of an indirect mechanism, i.e. a fall on the shoulder or visited arm.

This type of fracture is characterized by a bone fracture on only one side, which is why we call it a green twig fracture, that is, a subperiosteal fracture. Improperly treated disease carries the risk of serious complications, i.e. damage to the brachial plexus or subclavian artery. Treatment of a broken clavicle is inoperable and is based on immobilization of the sternocleivicle and shoulder-clavicle joints using a special octal orthosis type AM-PES-02.


    • Posture defects of the thoracic spine,
    • Fractures of the collarbone,
    • Dislocations and other injuries of the collarbone.



    • The product is skin-friendly and breathable,
    • The belts of the product are made in an anatomical way from the highest quality materials with a self-adhesive function, while at the ends they are finished with Velcro,

    • The AM-PES-02 orthosis

      has a special system of adjustable Velcro,

    • The orthosis is made of active three-layer innovative raw material

      ACTIVdistance II

      , which consists of a very strong non-stretchable polyamide lining, comfort foam and terry cotton knitwear.



    • Ensuring

      the adhesion of the limb while maintaining its full function,
    • With

      the apoprevention of the formation of pseudojoints, at the same time not restricting the child’s movements and maintaining full mobility of his hand,

    • Excellent support for children with round back problem. The orthosis actively prevents slouching and helps to develop the habit of adopting the correct body posture,
    • Ensuring the possibility of individual adjustment of product compression,
    • The discreet construction makes the orthosis invisible under clothing, which makes the patient feel comfortable when using it,
    • Alternative plaster – orthosis replaces traditional, heavy plaster dressings, providing excellent stabilization and high comfort of use,
    • Can be used as round-the-clock immobilization and stabilization of the shoulder joint during many daily activities,
    • Class I medical device – the product is a registered and patented class I medical device,
    • No abrasions and irritations and ensuring high comfort of use,
    • Effective sweat wicking,

    • The self-adhesive function

      of the ACTIVdistance II

      raw material definitely facilitates the use of products made of it.




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