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Children’s high orthosis of the spine with pads AM-WSP-06

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Scheuermann’s disease is a disease of idiopathic origin, developing in the thoracic spine, much less often in the lumbar. It lasts about 2-3 years and leaves permanent changes in the structure of the spine, caused by wedge-shaped deformation of the vertebrae and increased kyphosis.

Scheuermann’s disease, causing excessive thoracic kyphosis, is the most common postural disorder. Children affected by this disease experience severe pain caused by excessive thoracic kyphosis and compensatory deepening lumbar lordosis.

Treatment of Scheuermann’s disease includes preventing the increase in postural disorders through rehabilitation and relieving and stabilizing the thoracolumbosacral spine in a children’s high spinal orthosis with AM-WSP-06 undercarriages.


    • Scheuermann’s disease,
    • Spondylolisthesis
    • Spinebrite,
    • Other overload fracture in the spine region,
    • Inflammation of the joints of the spine,
    • Damage to the back and paraspinal muscles,
    • Bruises, twists of the thoracolumbar spine.



    • The orthosis consists of two parts: the abdominal belt and the frame,
    • The frame has anatomically profiled stalks, covering the entire sacrolumbothoracic section,
    • This belt has four anatomically profiled whalebones and a wide front fastener,
    • From the frame runs a pair of pads, which are mounted on the abdominal belt,
    • Anatomical pads are additionally equipped with relieving cushions,
    • The peripheral belt of the orthosis is made of innovative orthopedic rubber AirRubber,
  • The product is skin-friendly and breathable.



    • Anatomically profiled stalks, covering the entire sacrolum-thoracic spine, stabilize the vertebrae and relieve the paraspinal structures,
    • Forcing the child to maintain the correct body posture,
    • Class I medical device – the product is a registered and patented class I medical device,
    • AirRubber raw material is characterized by breathability and unidirectional elasticity and perforation obtained in the knitting process,
    • The holes allow for easier breathing of the skin, which improves the comfort of using the product and facilitates the wicking of sweat from the patient’s body,
    • Rubber weaves with greater compression of the product perform a delicate micro-massage,
    • Orthopedic rubber does not cause any chafing and is a very skin-friendly raw material,
    • Four anatomically profiled whalebones provide excellent stabilization around the full circumference of the trunk,
    • Free compression adjustment,
    • The material is not flexible and does not stretch, which improves the stabilization of the protected part of the body,
    • Breathable cotton terry fabric, which is located next to the child’s skin is skin-friendly and has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate,
    • Protection of the child’s skin against possible abrasions and creases from the aluminum rail, .
    • Relieving cushions, mounted on anatomical pads, prevent abrasions in the armpit area.


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