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Paingone manual pain relief device

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Paingone is a piezoelectric therapy stimulator that delivers controlled and targeted stimulation straight to the source of pain. It is a medical device that does not require medication.

The device emits a low-frequency current with analgesic effects. An electric pulse, triggered manually by pressing a button, reduces the sensation of pain.

PainGone is a revolution in pain management. The use of electrical impulses stimulates the body to produce natural pain-reducing responses.

PainGone can be applied through clothing. The therapy lasts about 60 seconds.


  • simple, one-minute therapy
  • no cables, inserts or batteries
  • registered medical device
  • without taking medication
  • safe and easy to use


Contraindications: pregnancy, electronic implants, heart rhythm disorders, epilepsy.

If you experience any irritation, itching or marks on the skin, or any other effects after using the device, stop using it immediately.




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