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Tennis elbow brace with silicone pellet AM-SL

Producent: Reh4Mat
Najniższa cena: ( June 18, 2024 : 0,00  )
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  • Pain syndromes of the elbow joint (most often associated with overloading or tearing muscle attachments) at the level of the humerus epicondyles on the lateral and medial sides – “tennis elbow”,
  • Prophylactic and therapeutic – tennis, golf, badminton, indoor team games,
  • Prophylactically and therapeutically in heavy physical work requiring torsional movements of the forearm (e.g. screwing).



  • Made of UniTape raw material

    , characterized by very high strength combined with a double-sided self-adhesive function,

  • Universal and easy to use,
  • Compression cushion in Cortez performing micromassage while wearing,
  • Adjustment of clamping force by polyamide buckle and VELCRO tape,
  • Internal reinforcement insert.



  • Noticeable improvement in more than 80% of patients wearing this device,
  • Reduces the load on the muscle attachments of the forearm and hand at the level of the elbow joint,
  • Indirectly strengthens strength especially when turning and turning the forearm,
  • Less risk of overloading or tearing extensors and flexors of the forearm and hand muscles,
  • Easier and faster healing in case of ailments,
  • Adjustable clamping force,
  • Evenly distribute the pressure force on the forearm.



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