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Challenger prosthetic foot 1E95

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Challenger is a comprehensive, multi-purpose sports prosthetic foot that amazes with its functionality.

Interchangeable heel wedges allow for quick and individual adjustment of heel firmness and foot derailment to suit the type of sport and level of load.

Unlike a regular athletic foot, the combination of a straight spring and heel element offers better control and, as a result, better stabilization during sudden movements, including when walking and standing. This makes the Challenger foot a versatile and reliable support.

The Challenger sports prosthetic foot is designed for use without a shell in low-profile athletic shoes. For femoral amputees, it can be used in conjunction with the Genium and Genium X3 knee joints.


Technical details and professional advice are available by calling (32) 257 18 57 or 607 468 854. You are welcome to
with the professionals!


Maximum user weight: 110 kg / 240 lbs

Size: 23 – 30cm




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