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Pro-Flex LP prosthetic foot

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The Pro-Flex LP prosthesis offers a high degree of ankle motion and a significant improvement over conventional low-profile carbon fiber feet. With its new “inverted cone” technology, it allows for greater dorsal flexion.

Less strain and greater dynamics means amputees with a longer limb can enjoy greater comfort in a wide range of activities. The well-designed and lightweight anatomical foot cover has an outsole for barefoot stability on wet or slippery surfaces, as well as a sandal toe for many types of footwear.

Össur recommends using Pro-Flex LP in conjunction with the Unity sleeveless vacuum suspension system, which provides minimal weight and no additional installation height, and does not interfere with the dynamics of Pro-Flex LP.



Technical details and professional advice are available by calling (32) 257 18 57 or 607 468 854. We invite you to
with professionals!


Sizes: 22-30
Maximum patient weight: 166 kg (365 lbs)

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