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Universal hip orthosis hip orthosis

Producent: Reh4Mat
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Najniższa cena: ( 2023-12-01 : 275,00  )
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The AM-SB-06 hip orthosis is perfect for people struggling with osteoporosis, coxartosis and hip instability.

It is also recommended for patients with iliac-tibial band syndrome (ITBS), inflammation of soft tissues (tendons, bursa) and damage to cartilage and ligaments of the hip joint.

The orthosis is equipped with three orthopedic whalebones and two cross belts, made of orthopedic rubber, which makes it perfectly stabilizing, prevents excessive adduction while maintaining proper abduction in the hip joint. It also partially limits flexion and extension in the hip joint.

The AM-SB-06 hip orthosis is made of UniPren raw material, which is characterized by softness and high elasticity, which makes wearing the orthosis comfortable.




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