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Electronic larynx Amplicord D1

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D1 is a medical device designed for all those who have lost their voice as a result of illnesses or accidents. It will also be useful for people who have undergone laryngeal surgery and a tracheotomy. The vibrations produced by the device in contact with the throat are transmitted further, allowing you to speak with little effort.

D1 is a completely innovative product, the first Amplicord electronic larynx with a completely digital circuit, a reliable and simple to use product. All components are manufactured in technologically advanced processes that guarantee a very high level of precision, reliability and quality.

Adjustment and use is carried out with a few simple clicks of the multifunctional joystick. After saving the settings, the device will always be ready for use. The D1 interface is designed to be intuitive and simple.
All controls are easily accessible, even for users with limited motor skills. The light above the joystick indicates whether the device is turned on, off, or charging.

Charging the device is very simple, just insert the charger plug into the appropriate connection on the device and wait for the LED light signal.

When creating the design of the device, special attention has been paid to its aesthetics and its easy carrying, as is currently the case with ordinary mobile phones, keeping it always ready to use, comfortably tied to the wrist or neck with a practical strap.



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