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Lumbosacral orthosis LACE EB-512

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Purpose of orthopedic appliances:

  • correction of pathological curvatures of the spine
  • the possibility of rotation of the spine relative to the pelvis
  • relieving and widening the intervertebral space
  • balancing the pressure on the intervertebral discs
  • increase in abdominal pressure
  • spinal stabilization (mechanical)
  • partial immobilisation


Depending on the type of dysfunction, the doctor selects the range of rotation in the vertical axis, the strength of stabilization and the depth of lordosis to the individualized needs of the patient.

Available sizes: S-XXL.

Sizes (waist circumference):

  • S 56-71cm.
  • M 68,50-84cm.
  • L 81-96,50cm.
  • XL 94-109cm.
  • XXL 107-122 cm.


Refund: NFZ M.60, refund amount: 180,00 PLN (More about co-financing in the section: Funding)/uploads/editor/akson_11_h2KYrB.jpg


L, M, S, XL, XXL


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