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Post-surgical Ortho-But

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The specially designed sole of the Ortho-but product ensures that body weight is shifted toward the heel, thus relieving pressure on the forefoot. Relieving pressure on the forefoot creates conditions that promote faster healing of the surgical site and the operated structures. The use of the shoe enables a quick return to mobility and speeds up recovery. The open front design of the shoe provides comfortable wear, and numerous openings allow constant air access. Long straps make it possible to put the shoe on any type of dressing.

Ortho shoe is used after operations or procedures in the foot, to relieve forefoot pressure after hallux surgery, toe fracture, metatarsal, wounds or ulceration under the toes, etc.
The shoe should be placed on the foot with the dressing.


  • after hallux valgus surgery
  • fractures of fingers, metatarsals
  • sores or ulcers under the toes of the foot
  • diabetic foot
  • Venous congestion within the feet.


  • imbalances


Do not use on slippery surfaces.



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