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EB-SK/A lower limb orthosis of the knee joint Reh4Mat

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The EB-SK/A closed-type orthosis is a professional Class I medical device that improves gait efficiency for rehabilitation of knee joint injuries.

Recommendations for use:

  • dislocations of the knee joint
  • sprains of the knee joint
  • lateral instability of the knee
  • damage to the ligaments of the knee LCL, MCL and ACL
  • after knee ligament reconstruction
  • After other orthopedic surgical procedures.

The orthosis is made of structured ProFit material – signifying a professional fit. The two-layer fabric, which perfectly adapts to the patient’s body, stretches in all directions, perfectly modeling the shape of the limb.

The product is equipped with flexible side splints that stabilize the knee joint in a lateral position. These rails are composed of several layers of resilient feathers that interact with the natural movement of the knee. In addition, the orthosis is equipped with independent reinforcing strap assemblies made of VELCRO webbing and anterior ACL cruciate fasteners. Through anatomical shapes and silicone periarticular support, the orthosis stays perfectly on the leg while walking. Its thin design makes the orthosis very lightweight and completely invisible under clothing.

The lateral parts of the orthosis are made of the innovative AirSanmed raw material. The peculiarity of the AirSanmed raw material is that it is not elastic, it does not stretch, thus improving the stabilization of the protected body part. Next to the patient’s skin is an airy cotton terry knit fabric that is skin-friendly and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 approved. Inside is a semi-rigid perforated EVA pressure relieving foam, perfectly isolating the impact of the metal parts of the orthosis on the patient’s body. On the outside of the raw material, a perforated medical laminate with a vapor-permeable function was installed, and it contains antibacterial ingredients based on inorganic Zeolite Silver. This ingredient provides long-lasting effectiveness and even counteracts the most infectious organisms, such as MRSA and e-coli.

The rear part is made of PowerElastic raw material.




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