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XCELTRAX AIR High and low foot orthosis

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XcelTrax – orthopedic shoe

The lightweight construction and unique, contoured skeleton of the orthosis allows you to modify the pressure force on the site of injury both within the ankle and lower leg. The anatomical design of the struts allows for a perfect fit of the orthosis to the leg. The built-in pump allows the pneumatic insole to be easily inflated and fitted to the patient’s leg. The shoe has a shock-absorbing outer sole, which helps reduce the forces acting on the heel when walking, minimizing pain in the joints and at the site of injury. Available in five sizes.

– supporting the treatment of foot and ankle injuries

Measurement method: select by shoe size:
XS – [poniżej 36 cm]
S – [36-39 cm]
M – [40-44 cm]
L – [44-46 cm]
XL – [powyżej 46 cm]


It comes in high and low versions.


NFZ J037 Rigid or semi-rigid plastic orthosis for shin and foot




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