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Bossanova orthopedic pillow

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Bossanova orthopedic pillow
New, Bossanova orthopedic pillow is a combination of the highest sleep comfort and high quality workmanship. It is
Pillow with a special profiling that allows you to sleep in all positions, also in the “on the stomach” position.
Special technology – the pillow is poured into the mold – significantly improves the usability of the foam, additionally
the pillow has gently profiled recesses for the shoulder and head, which allow for even more relaxing,
comfortable and healthy sleep. The pillow is dressed in a pillowcase soaked in aloe vera extract (A loe vera). Pillowcase equipped
It is in the lock. For handy transport, the pillow is packed in a convenient cardboard box.
Note: the pillow is available in a universal size. The height of the pillow is adjusted using special pads.


It has a soft, velour cover equipped with a zipper, allowing removal and washing at 40 ° C.
The pillow is registered as a class I medical device, meets the requirements of health protection.
The following are recommended:
– with non-specific pain in the neck, neck, head
– in case of degeneration of the intervertebral joints of the cervical spine
– arthritic pain in the cervical spine
– with discopathic lesions of the cervical spine
– as an adjunct in the treatment of diseases and injuries of the cervical spine


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