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Sun lounger – bathing seat for children MANATEE r82

Producent: R82 / Convaid
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Bathing seat with lounger function.

It has been designed to facilitate bathing for the sick person and the caregiver as much as possible.

The angle of inclination of the backrest can be freely adjusted, as well as the angle of the seat and leg supports.

Simply press the two release buttons at the same time and select the desired slope. This system allows the caregiver to adjust without any problems, but prevents the child from arbitrarily deregulating.

Manatee has been designed to adapt to the baby according to the growth phase. This is possible thanks to the options for adjusting the depth of the seat andits height.

The seat is also equipped with a belt with a headrest, making it more comfortable, and the positioning belt can be moved to the height of the torso or pelvis.

Manatee folds very easily and can be conveniently transported by car. It is designed for children from one year of age.

Before purchasing, please refer to the size chart.

Additional accessories include: running base, lap belt, ankle belt.


R82 / Convaid


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