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QMED Deep Tissue Massage Gun

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Deep Tissue Massager – Massage Gun

  • Helps fight muscle pain
  • Wireless and easy to use
  • As many as 36 massage programs
  • Rehabilitation at home and with a physiotherapist

Your private masseur

Vibration gun is a must-have device for all those who practice sports – not only professionally, but also as amateurs. With its help, you will independently massage your muscles and joints, eliminate soreness, pain, sprains and stiffness. Recommended to anyone, regardless of age, who complains of muscle pain. It is also excellent for physiotherapists to help with fascia and muscle relaxation and work on trigger points. The Qmed Deep Tissue Massager is ideal for sports rehabilitation, as the massage reduces lactic acid levels in muscles and improves blood circulation. It aids tissue regeneration after injury and surgery and promotes relaxation.

6 massage modes

The massager has as many as 6 levels of speed adjustment: from 1200 rpm to 3200 rpm. With a wide spectrum of pressure intensity, it allows you to adjust the strength of the massager to the sensitivity of the user. Despite the great power, our vibrating gun is one of the quietest on the market – devices with similar parameters usually generate a lot of noise.
The ability to choose the massage head provides a versatile massage and an individual approach to each body part. The Qmed Deep Tissue Massager has six interchangeable massage heads.


Spherical – it has two sizes and is designed to massage all parts of the body, with particular emphasis on the largest muscle areas. It is the most versatile and safe head, made of durable non-deformable foam.

With tabs – the tip is made of hard plastic is finished with not high tabs. It is designed to improve blood circulation to the superficial muscles. Massaging with this tip increases blood circulation, resulting in more nutrients and oxygen. Massage will naturally nourish muscle tissues reducing the possibility of inflammation, which will translate into less injury and trauma. The tip is also recommended for cellulite reduction.

Forked – the tip made of hard plastic is designed to massage muscles along the spine, in parallel also to work on narrow and long muscles (such as the back extensor, quadriceps, mm. gastrocnemius). It also works well in tissue therapy around the Achilles tendon, where it allows working on the tissue bypassing the tendon. The rounded ends of the tip make the tip glide smoothly over the body and accurately reach the muscle groups it is intended for.

Point – made of hard plastic is designed to massage selected points on the body and stimulate trigger points (thickening on muscle tissue that causes pain). It is the most precise of all the tips and accurately reaches the hardest to reach muscle groups.

Flat – made of hard plastic is suitable for working on small and large muscle groups. It provides very good contact with the body allowing it to reach deeper tissues. It is also useful for working on tighter muscle parts, such as the quadriceps of the thigh or the pectoralis major muscle.

The Qmed Deep Tissue Massager also works well in the hands of a physical therapist. It is a device often used in the rehabilitation of various types of diseases.


  • Post-traumatic rehabilitation of upper extremities, lower extremities
  • Tension and muscle pain, muscle spasms associated with excessive physical exertion
  • Muscle atrophy or muscle weakness
  • Positively influences the maintenance of proper muscle and fascial tension
  • Increasing range of motion by relieving stiff joints
  • chronic states of nervous tension
  • Reduction of adhesions and internal scars after injury or surgery
  • spinal nerve stimulation
  • Help reduce lymphedema

Do not use this device without your doctor’s approval and consultation if you are: pregnant, diabetes and its complications, neuropathy or retinal damage, pacemaker, recent surgery, migraine, disc prolapse or spinal inflammation, IUD. Do not use in patients with sensory disorders and those with skin lesions such as ulcers, blisters, abrasions, etc. Consult the use of a massager with your doctor if you have any serious illness you are undergoing

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