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Crawler stairclimber T09 ROBY Vimec

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Roby T09  It is a crawler stairclimber, allowing people in wheelchairs to overcome architectural barriers , both at home and outside,   without the need to install the device permanently. Designed to overcome straight stairs and with square or rectangular landings in a way that is completely safe for the user and without the risk of damaging the stairs.  Specially designed tracks provide optimal traction and leave no traces. At the same time, the device is extremely quiet.

The applied solutions ensure a constant, stepless speed and a gentle, without jerks, safe entry and exit of the wheelchair, and at the same time a minimum of effort is enough to place the transported person on it. Roby also guarantees high stability while driving, and the entrance to the floor itself is extremely efficient, thanks to additional wheels that rotate automatically. 
The adjustable height and width of the practical and safe wheelchair attachment hooks makes the use of the stairclimber comfortable and trouble-free. Additional protection is provided by a panel located at the height of the control column. It includes information: battery charge indicator, tilt angle indicator, emergency stop button, activation key.  It is also possible to manually control the descent and entrance in case of an unintentional stop on the stairs.

In addition, the stairclimber is easy to disassemble into two parts and transport.  It is light and has small dimensions, so you can easily move it (removed control column, self-standing, stands in a balanced position on the ground). 

Safe pedal control (effortless operation for the user / companion) is an advantage.


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