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Walking stairclimber LIFTKAR PTS 130 Euromobil

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The Liftkar PT S 130 stairclimber is a walking conveyor equipped with a comfortable seat and contoured handles.  The non-slip material covers it makes it an even safer solution for people in a wheelchair as well as for the person operating the stairclimber. The PT S  liftkar, thanks to its compact design, is ideal for use at home. Perfect for winding stairs.


The stairclimber is equipped with two up-down buttons, one at each end of the handle. Therefore, it is ideal for both right-handed and left-handed people.

Ergonomics is ensured by the ability to adjust the height of the handles to the height of the person operating the stairclimber. The handles are also covered with non-slip material, which gives the maximum sense of security of the handle.

The integrated slope level indicator allows you to find the right angle to optimize the balance of the stairclimber when descending and ascent.  The stairclimber is equipped with a special brake that works when the Liftkar PT reaches the end of the step.

All Liftkar PT stairclimbers can be disassembled into 3 parts and taken everywhere with you. The whole is light and easy to transport.



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