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Carinatum AM-TX-04 chicken thorax orthosis

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The Carinatum orthosis provides anterior-posterior compression that remodels bones and joint connections over time and returns them to their physiological position. Used systematically, it will reduce the constriction of the sternum and upper ribs, and improve cardiorespiratory function.

Due to its discreet design, the Carinatum orthosis is invisible under clothing, making the patient feel comfortable while using the orthosis.

The frame of the orthosis is made of high-quality, very lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum, which is used in aviation, this material guarantees the best stabilization among the orthoses available on the market. The frame has been padded with pressure-relieving medical foam to protect against pressure on bony prominences.


The Carinatum chicken cage orthosis is equipped with an innovative CALIPER BUCKLE tensioning system.

Caliper Buckle is a high performance slat tensioner system. The system is used for orthopedic products that require very precise and strong compression. The Caliper Buckle system has a safety lever, allowing you to remove the compression of the orthosis in an instant with a single movement. This function comes in handy, for example, when a patient faints due to the orthosis putting too much pressure on his or her body or when he or she has associated breathing difficulties.



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