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Special trolley V500 30

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Najniższa cena: ( February 16, 2024 : 3456,00  )
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Stroller made of aluminum with head and back stabilization with a backrest that can be tilted smoothly by means of a hydraulic spring and up to 30
. The wheelchair is dedicated to people after strokes, in particular for patients with paralysis or quadriplegia and triple paresis. This wheelchair is able to satisfy even the most demanding patients through many additional functions. The stroller in the basic version is configurable, i.e. you can change many parameters in it. The stroller is equipped with backrest and seat cushions as well as an anti-tipping wheel. The possibility of removing and adjusting the armrests to the height makes the stroller safer for the user. In addition, four heights and depths of the seat allow the wheelchair to fit the patient. The footrest is removable and folded inwards or outwards. Brakes with folding handle and a storage pocket under the seat make the stroller comfortable and ecronomic for the caregiver. To increase stability, the stroller is equipped with a safety belt, backrest extension and a roller stabilizing the head.


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