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Special multi-position trolley with automatic adjustment INOVYS 2- E

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A stroller designed to constantly change the position of people permanently sitting on a wheelchair, preventing bedsores. INOVYS maintains the ideal posture for the patient. The angle of the seat and backrest is easy and smooth to adjust independently of each other.

The element that distinguishes this stroller from others is the ability to independently change the angle of adjustment of the backrest and seat by the user using the remote control. The small battery placed in the case is almost invisible and does not disturb caregivers during transport.

An interesting element of the stroller is the headrest, which can be rotated and moved horizontally into an unlimited way. The possibility of widening the seat is extremely necessary when the user’s sizes change, especially in winter, when it is necessary to wear a thicker jacket. Contour upholstery made of Dartex guarantees stability and comfort while driving. The wheelchair is designed for people suffering from MS, after strokes, as well as after quadriplegia and trilimbs. In the footbed it is possible to put on an anti-decubitus pillow, for this purpose you need to remove the seat cushion and put a superciodlezine pillow.

In addition, the stroller can be equipped with a TARTA torso orthosis, whose shape can be modeled, which guarantees stabilization and relief for people with scoliosis. The specialized corset made in STABILO vacuum technology can be freely formed depending on the user’s needs.

The stroller can also be equipped with various types of trowels, corrective and stabilizing vests made of neoprene.

In the standard version, the INOVYS stroller has:

  • Contur seat

  • Contur backrest,

  • adjustable headrest,
  • adjustable headrest volume,
  • smoothly adjustable backrest angle by means of hydraulic springs,
  • adjustable seat angle by means of hydraulic springs,
  • adjustable angle of inclination of footrests,
  • adjustable angle of inclination of the footrest plate,
  • adjustable height of push handles,
  • knee protection,
  • adjustable seat depth,
  • adjustable seat width,
  • adjustable distance of footrests relative to each other,
  • adjustable height of armrests,
  • possibility to change the height of the seat,
  • wheels on quick-release couplings.


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