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Special Caretta Buggy CT Liw Wheelchair

Producent: LIW Care
Najniższa cena: ( February 27, 2024 : 0,00  )
Dostępność: Niedostępny

Special wheelchair dedicated to children and young people up to 160 cm tall. The stroller is easy to use, provides stabilization of the child and is also comfortable and safe. It has transport handles that allow you to mount the trolley in a car or other vehicle adapted to transport passengers in a wheelchair. The stroller uses a new headrest system that stabilizes the head in a comfortable and safe transport position. The easy folding system of the frame allows for quick folding, and the dimensions allow transport even in a small trunk of the car. The special design of the seat with built-in elastic straps allows you to adjust the stiffness of the seat.

The wheelchair is dedicated to people with three- or four-limb paralysis and paresis, with unilateral or cross-limbed paralysis.


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