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Electric wheelchair Q700 M Sedeo Ergo

Kod NFZ: S.19.01
Najniższa cena: ( February 16, 2024 : 79000,00  )
Dostępność: Niska dostępność

Electric wheelchair with the possibility of lifting the user (elevator function).

A wheelchair characterized by extraordinary agility indoors. SureTrac
Automatically detects and corrects deviation from the direction of travel. 6 wheels allow you to crawl and up and down on steep obstacles, keeping all the wheels on the ground. The stroller of the standard version allows you to get a speed of 9 km / h, as an option, the achievable speed is 8 or 12 km / h. Depending on the choice of battery power, the maximum range of the trolley is up to 29 km. The design of the stroller is adapted to the most demanding customers. Vivid colors together with an ergonomic, modern design provides elegance and comfort to the user.

The smart seat – SEDEO PRO- combines a configurable seat frame with a choice of support options. The seat system is a wide range of cushions and backrests, including the JAY J3 backrest.

The easy-to-use armrest allows you to smoothly disassemble it and put it on. A wide range of additional options allows you to adapt the stroller to everyone, even the most demanding user.

In the stroller it is possible to ride simultaneously with the seat raised. The seat cushion is divided into 3 elements. The thigh cushions can be extended and raised, allowing the user to move smoothly between the stroller and the bed. The new footrest plate maintains the correct angle of inclination of the lower limbs. An additional advantage of the footrest is that it can reach all the way to the ground.

The controller with a large and clear screen allows the user to easily operate the trolley. The ability to connect via bluetooth and transfer data to the phone allows for live reporting and pressure reduction planning.



  • seat width 40-55 cm,
  • seat depth 40-55 cm,
  • total width 63,5 cm,
  • total length 92 cm,
  • speed: basic – 9 km/h; optional 8 and 12 km/h,
  • minimum weight of the stroller 147 kg
  • maximum user weight 136 kg.

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