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Producent: Sunrise Medical
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RelaX² is a durable, modern-looking and comfortable care trolley. It has a durable and reliable aluminum construction. This stroller can be adapted to the needs of the user (adjustable seat height, seat depth, backrest height, adjustable length handrails and unfolding and tilting with an unlimited number of settings). It provides a quick and easy assessment of needs, guaranteeing unlimited comfort.
The RelaX² maintains correct posture and ensures even pressure distribution. The equipment includes an anatomically shaped backrest with large lateral support, ensuring safety and seating comfort, even in the event of weakened upper body control. The anatomically shaped seat with small abduction support and lateral support provides long-term comfort. Abduction support and lateral support ensure that the correct position of the legs is maintained and prevents moving forward.



  • 24″/22″ full wheels
  • 16″ Rear wheels (with drum brakes only)
  • Drum brake
  • Sliding table with elbow pads.
  • Abduction lock
  • Torso support with wide adjustment range
  • Three-piece headrest
  • Position belt
  • Stump pad
  • Armrest with extension kit

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