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Duoball Mini rehabilitation roller QMED

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Duo Ball mini rehabilitation roller (for massage)

  • Provides an effective massage for the back, arms and legs
  • Reduces muscle pain and tension
  • Reduces feelings of fatigue
  • Easy to use and extremely handy
  • For use before and after training

This is a specially designed massage roller in the shape of two balls connected together. The unique form of the product, guarantees a deep massage of the spinal muscles, while providing relief to the various structures. It breaks up tension in muscle plexuses, trigger points and fascia. It is a simple and very helpful tool in mobilizing the spine and increasing its flexibility.

Recommended for people with back pain (neck, thoracic region), leading a sedentary work and life style, as well as for people engaged in various sports. It can be used in physiotherapy by people with discopathy and increased tension in the spinal muscles. The product is easy to clean and made of foam with increased hardness. Its handy form makes it ideal for use at home, at work or in rehabilitation classes.



  • Mild pain conditions of the neck and thoracic spine region.
  • Recommendations for use in physiotherapy for people with discopathy and increased tension in the spinal muscles.
  • Recommendations for use in massage of the back, upper and lower extremities


  • occurrence of pain during exercise
  • conditions immediately following dislocations or bone fractures
  • unfinished bone fusion
  • inflammation of joints and periarticular tissues
  • swellings
  • Fresh surgical scars or other wounds

NOTE! Stop any exercise that is too demanding or causes discomfort such as dizziness, decreased blood circulation or other physiological abnormalities and consult a doctor.

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