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Elbow brace with AS-L/A rails

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Dislocation of the elbow joint

An extension injury to the elbow joint occurs as a result of its excessive straightening, which leads to the destruction of ligaments, tendons or bones within the joint. Exaggerated extension of the elbow leads to dislocation or fracture of the elbow. The injury usually occurs during a fall or stopping of the speeding body on straightened elbows, which can also cause the elbow to bend in the wrong direction, rupture of ligaments, dislocation or jamming of bones.

Dislocation of the joint causes the bones that make up the joint to change their natural position. Trauma distorts the shape of the joint, there is severe pain and swelling. Often, a bruise appears at the site of injury, because inside the joint there was a destruction of vessels, and thus a hemorrhage.

To prevent such injuries and protect against their negative effects, orthopedic orthoses should be used.


  • Overload / inflammation of the muscles of the elbow and forearm

  • Spraining / overload of the elbow joint

  • Dislocation of the elbow joint

  • UCL injury (collateral elbow ligament)


  • The orthosis was made of three-layer PowerFIT raw material, which perfectly adapts to the patient’s body, stretches in all directions perfectly modeling the shape of the limb – it creates the so-called. a second skin,

  • the product is equipped with circumferential straps, guaranteeing a perfect fit of the orthosis to the limb and a zipper for easy putting on,

  • The orthosis has two flexible rails, perfectly stabilizing the upper limb laterally and supporting its extension,

  • The product is equipped with side shock absorbers stabilizing the elbow joint.


  • Thanks to the outer layer of PowerFIT raw material, which is made of spandex, the product has the right compression and a perfect fit and is also resistant to dirt and abrasion,

  • Reduction of vibrations and muscle injuries arising during physical exertion thanks to the inner core in the material and membrane that warms the limb,

  • due to the specific construction of the PowerFit raw material, using the orthosis in a hot environment – the protected joint remains cool, while using it at lower temperatures – the pond is slightly warmed,

  • orthosis with Raw Material PowerFit is practically imperceptible to the patient and his environment thanks to its technology,

  • Thanks to its construction, the AS-L-A orthosis is one of the most effective and most stabilizing elbow braces on the market,

  • It works perfectly as protection during high physical effort and competitive sports,

  • Retaining the right amount of heat – so that there is no excessive overheating or cooling of the body,

  • Simplicity of use due to the easy way of putting the device on and off by the patient,

  • Wearing comfort because the orthosis does not have thick fibers, thanks to which the weaves do not reflect on the skin and do not cause wounds in places of high compression,

  • Thanks to the spring construction and mounting in the handles as splint packages, they guarantee unprecedented lateral stabilization of the joint, and are characterized by a smooth anatomical way of bending, thanks to which the orthosis does not move on the limb.




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