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Empower prosthetic foot

Producent: Ottobock
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Empower is the new generation of the BiOM prosthetic foot and the only prosthesis on the market with a propulsion drive system. It is characterized by clinically proven features:


  • Mimics the function and strength of lost muscles and tendons
  • provides energy even when climbing curbs, hills and stairs


  • realistic ankle joint movements normalize the user’s gait pattern
  • reduces joint tension, which can result in less pain and fewer long-term orthopedic problems


  • Real-time adjustment of prosthesis power, resistance and flexion
  • provides balance on variable terrain


The Empower prosthetic foot mimics the functionality of lost muscles during walking, resulting in a more physiological gait pattern. A unique feature is the propulsion system for propulsion (rolling) of the foot, which provides high-energy support with each step. In this way, the foot and the whole body are pushed forward. At the same time, high-resolution sensors regulate the intensity of this forward motion and the position of the foot needed for the situation.



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