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GoTo Vinyl lightweight orthopedic chair for children Firefly Leckey

Producent: Firefly
Najniższa cena: ( June 22, 2024 : 0,00  )
Dostępność: Niska dostępność

The GoTo Vinyl chair is a lightweight, portable orthopedic chair for children with special needs. Perfect for all-around use as a support in daily life: wheelchair, shopping carts, swings, airplanes, tricycles, tables and more.

The GoTo Vinyl seat is the same reliable shape and functionality provided by its big brother, the GoTo, but complemented by washable, durable, waterproof upholstery. Supporting integration and participation in daily life, GoTo’s new cleanable vinyl upholstery makes the seat ideal for nurseries, schools, therapy centers and, of course, private homes.

It is available, simple in form, a standard headrest or an advanced contoured one that provides more support for the child’s head. Both versions are adjustable, the head support moves up and down – giving you the ability to set the perfect height. The sides of the seat are also optimally adjustable: up, down and in width, if necessary, providing a reassuring hug. The juxtaposition of these features provides children with joy, security and comfort.

This lightweight seat is ideal if you need to move around a lot. It folds completely flat, making it suitable for transportation and easy to store in a convenient form for the next use.

Optional: new and improved floor stand, with 26 tilt positions. Perfect for finding exactly the level of support your baby needs while playing or napping. There is also an optional cushion in which the foam, with a memory shape, evenly distributes the weight of the child, so he can play even longer and more comfortably.

Available in two sizes. Color: Red.



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