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Rehabilitation tricycle for girls HAPPY

Producent: Vermeiren
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The bicycle is a therapeutic and rehabilitation tool for children with an imbalanced sense of balance, with movement disorders and MPD. Motivates to physical activity. Thanks to the bike, children integrate with their peers more easily.

The passion for cycling has been formed since my teenage years. The joy of riding and the feeling of freedom makes rehabilitation on a bike a pleasure. To increase the safety of the child, there is a wide range of additional options that improves stabilization.

As standard, the bike is supplied with a sharp wheel system, i.e. you must constantly pedal to make the bike ride.

The right choice of bike is important for the comfort and safety of the child, so you should measure the length of the leg (from groin to ground).

The HAPPY model is designed for children with a leg length of 55 cm-70 cm.

Rehabilitation tricycle due to the colors is dedicated to girls.



Delivery time: up to 3 weeks.

16 kg



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