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LIW Care SPARKY electric wheelchair

Producent: LIW Care
Cena: 22500,00 
Najniższa cena: ( 2023-12-02 : 22500,00  )
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LIW Care SPARKY electric wheelchair

The Sparky wheelchair is designed to provide full rehabilitation functions in a compact and high-performance pediatric design. Developed with the needs of active children in mind, it is perfect for riding in tight spaces. It will work well both on the playground and in the classroom.



– Fully adjustable seat – 250mm × 250mm to 355 × 355mm

– VR2 controller

– Electric reclining seat

– Permissible load up to 56.7 kg

– Maximum speed up to 10 km/h

– Swivel footrests as standard


Options available:

– Manual lifting footrests

– Headrest

– Q-Logic controller

– Controller of the companion



sparky color


LIW Care


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