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Q300 M Mini electric wheelchair

Producent: Sunrise Medical
Kod NFZ: S.19.01 / S.22.01
Najniższa cena: ( June 15, 2024 : 0,00  )
Dostępność: Niska dostępność

The narrowest electric wheelchair with a REAL center-axle drive.

Go where others can’t with the Q300 M Mini – the narrowest (520 mm) electric truck with REAL center-wheel drive and a turning radius of just 1,200 mm. Building on its predecessor, the Salsa M2 Mini, we’ve taken performance to the next level with BIG powerchair features that will take you further than ever before.

Enjoy a safe and comfortable ride thanks to the patented independent suspension of all wheels. Overcome curbs up to 3″ (70 mm) with 14″ (355 mm) drive wheels. Conquer tough terrain with super-powerful 4-pole motors and enjoy a long range of up to 36 km with 56 Ah batteries.

Plus, with an adjustable seat system and an array of styling options, the original ultra-compact electric wheelchair is back and better than ever! Be the first to experience it and book a demonstration now.


Sunrise Medical


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