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Q700 F SEDEO ERGO electric wheelchair

Producent: Sunrise Medical
Kod NFZ: S.19.01 / S.22.01
Najniższa cena: ( February 16, 2024 : 79000,00  )
Dostępność: Niska dostępność

The ultimate front-wheel drive experience!

Discover an amazing driving experience with the striking Q700® F, a high-performance front-wheel drive wheelchair with superior style and maneuverability. Enjoy superior outdoor performance and excellent indoor maneuverability with the latest technology to keep you safe on the road. The innovative Full Track Suspension System (FTSS) provides optimal comfort on all four wheels. Experience the amazing SEDEO ® ERGO, a biomechanical seating system that mirrors your body’s natural position, ensuring the perfect seating position at all times, even during shifts! Plus, stay in touch with the world around you with a wide range of easy-to-use controls, personalize your drive with QUICKIE’s patented programmable buttons and 6 memory locations.



Technical Data/Weight:

Range: 40 km

Speed selection: 6 and 8 km/h (standard), 10 and 13 km/h optional

Batteries: 60 Ah, 80 Ah optional

Approach angle: 8°

Maximum curb height: 70 mm

Electronics: R-Net controller, lights and indicators

Maximum user weight: 160 kg



Total width: 640 mm

Total length: Max. 1340 mm

Seat width: 400 – 560 mm

Seat height: 430 – 480 mm

Seat depth: 400 – 560 mm

Seat inclination: 30° / 50°

Backrests height: 510 – 610 mm

Turning radius: 735 mm


Sunrise Medical


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