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Electric wheelchair hero stand up

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A wheelchair works very well when moving around the house and around the city. The modern design makes the user feel special and comfortable.


seat width: 16″, 18″,

electric verticalization function using the remote control,

upholstery made of ecological leather,

hinged armrests,

adjustable height and angle of inclination of armrests,

adjustable footrests with calf support,

anti-tipping wheels (rear and front),

full road lighting,

knee grip,

three-point safety belts,

securing lap belt,

– headrest,

knee grip,

electromagnetic brakes,

• front wheels:
9″, rear wheels: 14″,

rear shock absorbers.

An electric wheelchair allows a disabled person to feel at ease. The multitude of facilities allows the wheelchair to be used by both the caregiver and the patient.




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